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What does it mean to be a human being in western society?

Updated: May 25

Did you know?

The western system we live in and the rules we follow and the way we live, is nothing more but the strong vision of a few individuals, many years ago, formed into physical manifestation, in other words, a few people created this system. The system we live in, is man’s creation, not nature’s creation. Living beings are natures creation, you are natures creation. A little something to think about.

What's the purpose of life?

Keep all you know, all religions, all life theories of science and spirituality aside and silence any thought in your head, and you will feel something about this quote:

You are the universe having a human experience”

Now, you'll have one of the following reactions, either “that’s utter Bullshit!” or maybe a sensation of warmth from inside your stomach with a little smirk on your face.

Imagine, we are alive to simply experience life. Okay, but why do we have such horrible inhumane experiences in life then? Yes “good” and “bad” life situations will happen, as the purpose for a human is to learn about life, and we all have different life paths, which means different experiences and different life situations. These will help you evolve as a soul, because that's pretty much all we're are doing here. And remember there actually are no good or bad experiences, negative and positive is merely a creation of humans having put emotional connotations on situations and words.

Your world view and Energy

You have a world view, you have an idea what you should do in life, in most cases because of what you have been taught and told, in few cases because you are driven by passion. Wouldn’t it be great if we actually all pursued our passions? We could, it’s just a matter of understanding, yes, energy from early on. It's as simple as that.

"Only that exists what you give energy to"

The lack of understanding of Energy and our System

The understanding of how energy works, is merely explored in the realm of Quantum Physics, but when looking at energy as something which is everywhere around us, and not something only existing in the world of science, life starts making a little more sense. And I do not mean anything spiritual or over natural. Energy is all around us, the particles of energy are so small, you cannot see them, but they are there. That’s actually why energy has been pretty much widely explored in spirituality and in no other field of investigation, because you can’t see it but it’s there.

The system we live in was the last time updated post WW2 with the creation of the WHO, IMF, UN to name some of the globally biggest institutions. This imposed an education on the western civilization which will reject any theory based on something invisible. Hence why it’s so hard to get all industries to incorporate the concept of energy being a factor which influences humanity more than known.

The internet, is the factor in the 21st Century creating unity and creating change

The dominating “world system” we have lived under the last 100s of years was based on a system with power, money and greed at its priority, serving a minority of people and not the well-being of general humanity. Overtime, this became the normal way of living, with only few people questioning the structure of life for a human being and anyone questioning the way of life, well you wouldn’t be around for long. With not having a tool to communicate and connect around the world, change was not possible. In the 1950’s Charlie Chaplin was strongly speaking about this, by stating communication is the tool which will change ways. The one MASSIVE factor which is allowing the 21st Century to be the time of change, is the internet. The possibility of communicating and connecting instantly with each other as a global civilization has formed a global unity and the dominating system we live in is one which no longer resonates with where humanity as a whole is heading. Once again, look at all the radical change happening in diverse industries.

Currently in 2021, our world is undergoing extreme changes, it is crucial that certain areas of our world are revisited with the perspective of the well-being of humanity at its priority. The understanding of Energy is getting crucial to move our global society forward towards a living structure which has the human being as its top priority.

"You have the ability to think of whatever you wish to, it's up to you to keep your focus on the good happening in the world and not on all the bad "

How you see the world and what impacts your world view?

The way we see the world and what we believe in and what "rules" we tend to follow are very much formed in our young years, without us even being aware of it. You see your believe system is formed in your first 7 years, that's how the mind works. By the time we are "grown up", we have been so conditioned and imposed on by everything in our environment (education, laws, rules of what’s good and bad, a health system which might actually be doing more damage than good to you), that we forget what we are actually doing, why we are actually alive, why we are human.

The way we are told what our worlds history is depends on where you are born, where and how you are raised, so what culture you are raised in, what educational system you undertake, what your parents or guardians view on life is and what surrounds your environment. Based on these factors, you will form most of your beliefs. This will also determine a lot about why you are the way you are, why you believe the things you do and why you see the world from the perspective you do.

The global change happening currently is bringing an end to this. As much as things in certain parts of the world are getting worse, there are lots of things, less talked about, which are bringing a change in the direction benefiting the human being.

Charlie Chaplin's words have ever since he said them been extremely relevant, and are today even more appropriate than ever "we the people have the power to make this life free and beautiful ..."C.C.

"The power of the people is stronger than the people in power." Charlie Chaplin

We are generation change!

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel Silvia