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Are you suffering from the "21st Century human crisis"?

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It is 2021, and it is beyond obvious that the way the western system functions, is no longer applicable to most people in society. You can see it especially with the "millennials" many of whom are now in their 20s, these people are making change happen, because the old structures of society simply do not benefit humanity as a whole and the way society functions is not beneficial to the human being itself! There are a lot of people who simply go along with it, because well, most don’t know different and due to administrational constraints, what choice do you have, right?

By shutting yourself up, and neglecting your true self by "fitting in" to what society has established as "right and wrong" there is a great chance that you have gotten yourself sick by doing so, physically or mentally. Since our society loves labels, this is something I have called the 21st century human syndrome, it’s the "dis-ease" you get when you can't be your true self in the world. I will show you how we are having a global 21st Century human syndrome crisis, and then I will show you what we can do and how you can improve your life in case you also suffer from this syndrome!

Let me introduce you to the "21st Century human syndrome":

Most of our Lifestyles are extremely hectic! Parenting, studying or working, no matter which industry, we are always on our feet, sleeping less, traveling more and endlessly connected.

Often, in our society we tend to work more than accustom to our natural zone. An accumulation of such an unnatural life results in diseases, physical and mental illnesses (depression and anxiety) and a lack of living as the human being we are meant to live as. Many of us, wake up, go to work, come home or are currently doing home office, do sport, eat, sleep and repeat. Life is good, however every now and then you think to yourself:

- I wish I had more freedom

- I wish to have more time for me

- I want to create my own project

- I am feeling so tired and sick all the time, I don’t understand why

- I have no energy, why???

- I’m doing everything I’ve been told to do, to be successful and a well-established member of society, but something doesn’t feel right.

Then you are most likely combating an accumulation of "21st Century human syndrome" and you are most likely knocked out of your true element. If you have the symptoms mentioned above, do not fear, that’s actually a great thing! It means your true self can no longer accept living as somebody who you are not, but somebody you have been told to be! The funny part is, often you do not even know that you "were pretending to be somebody else" it just happened, and it's nobody’s fault. You went to school, you were told by your environment what is good and bad, what is right and wrong, you were told what success is etc, nobody had a look at who YOU truly are.

It’s simple, you are kicked out of your element (living the life that truly suits your unique self), when you have little energy, feeling low, are tired and so on.

What if your "21st Century human syndrome" is so advanced you already have the "21st Century human syndrome crisis"?

Have you thought you want out? Some people say “I want out!” and head into the forest or jungle somewhere and become “hippies” or join some "spiritual tribes". But what about the people who think very liberal, open and come from western society, but who don’t want to move to the forest or jungle or join some tribe, and would like to remain a decent member of society, but simply live happier, freer and most importantly as a HUMAN BEING?

The fact that you are asking the questions above, shows that YOU now care about looking who you truly are in order for you to make some changes in your life and live according to YOU and start getting rid of a lot of uncomfortable feelings hiding deep down inside of you.

In western society, especially those members of society who are in the business world, most people will actually ignore all the symptoms and their desire to make a change, until a dramatic event occurs which they can no longer deny and forces them to make a change. So if you think you have this "syndrome" then think about making a change now, before something dramatic happens, before you have serious health issues and this becomes a "crisis"!

The 21st Century human syndrome crisis

When we, as humans are struggling, trying to figure out what our next step is, and just had a terrible life experience (death, break up, job loss, freak accident, near to death experience, economy put on hold due to a virus outbreak…) or simply can’t seem to locate where their inner pain comes from, we often try to make sense of things and tend to start asking existential questions such as the following or we completely f*ck ourselves up and become destructive:

- who am I?

- what is life actually about?

- I have new perspectives and feelings and don’t quite know what to do with them- have I gone nuts?

- Where did all my confidence go?

- Why do I feel so much all of a sudden?

- Why is so much unknown stuff from the past coming up?

- I don't remember being this messed up!

Anyways the list goes on...

Fact is, we all have our own very unique path in life with our own individual experiences which are meant for us to live through and only us ourselves. That’s why every person should be respected and not judged for who they are and where they are. Equally it allows us to understand that everyone has sh*t going on, even the most confident and happy people in life will out of the blue be hit with a depression or sepsis or something. We all have stuff.

Why? Well maybe because that’s the pure reason why we are alive. To have experiences and grow as souls. That’s it. It's quite simple no? Read more about who you are, in this article here. And if we are not in alignment with our true purpose, which is most likely living our passion, then life will "shake you awake" until you start making changes so that it suits your true self and highest well-being.

Well the society we live in has made this very hard to understand. And what makes me laugh so much about our society, in the western culture we have completely forgotten how to do the basic simple things such as breath, eat, drink and sleep correctly in a way which enhances our body. Most of us live to make money and buy material things, no? Over the years, I have learnt the wealthiest people do not know how to do simple things like feed themselves or make their beds, then I learnt from homeless people on the streets that they could explain to me the different plants one can use to eat and heal dis-eases from the forest nearby!

Any illness or dis-ease stems from an emotional issue at first and then develops into a physical or mental "dis-ease".

For more and more people, especially in the western world, their human nature does not resonate on any level with this “profit focused society” but not knowing better and wanting to remain a member of society many people are simply holding on and suffering a lot. So, there’s a lot of people going through “mental illness”. Basically their true human nature can’t deal with the life they are living anymore. Please remember, your body is actually a tool which informs you when a change needs to be made, equally, this magnificent tool, your body, will inform you, when you are doing yourself “harm” with the life you are living. For example, you start being sick a lot, you get into accidents, life doesn’t flow anymore. You see, any “dis-ease”, yes a "dis" "ease" in life (get it ;) ) starts on an emotional level and if the emotional damage is not healed it transforms into a physical issue (to get you to focus your attention onto yourself and learn that something in the way you are living life is not for your highest wellbeing).

Okay... how do I get rid of the 21st Century human syndrome crisis?

Often people act and do things according to what their subconscious mind tells them to do, not what their conscious mind says. And in your subconscious mind you have belief systems which stem from conditioning from your environment growing up. So within you, you might have lived a life which does not resonate with who you truly are and might have been doing things which do you more harm than good, but you don't know differently because you lived life according to what you were told you should do and you were told who to be. So now that I tell you, your mind is like a computer program, go wash your subconscious disk and eliminate all the viruses planted there by random people and start talking to yourself like the most loving person ever! You can free yourself from those impregnated structures in your subconscious mind, by retracing every pain and trauma, going all the way back to your childhood and then layer by layer you get rid of this programmed belief system. Don't get me wrong, it's a long process, but it's the most liberating one you can take! Each step, so each layer you take off, brings you the tools you need to approach the next layer, once you do that you can really start hearing your voice and listening to your true self.

How to prevent the 21st Century human syndrome in western society?

According to the WHO, 1 out of 4 people in the western society has a “mental problem” ontop of the various physical “dis-eases” people have. I am no “western” doctor, but a society in which almost every second person is “physically or emotionally sick” that does not seem like a healthy functioning society. We have one version of what “normal” is… How perverted must one be to do so? Every human being, all of us 7 billion people are unique and completely different, and western society states “this is the norm, you all have to fit in a box”. Have a look at this picture, simply focusing on the education system, I think the pictures explains itself right:


This picture is a perfect illustration of how most things in our society are approached. There is one “rule” stating “this is the norm” and anything outside it is rejected. There is actually a serious imbalance within you, if you are not capable of understanding or hearing another’s point of view. Once again, every human being is so very different! Imagine everything we can learn from each other!

The sad part is, in order for any change to made, it merely requires certain individuals in decision making positions, to let their ego go, and be able to adapt their perspective of reality, to be a little more open-minded and understand a little more about the human being and to approach situations from a "human perspective" and not a "money making perspective".

It’s all so simple actually, to make a change collectively, we’ve all got to make it individually.

The changes in western society which have been made in the last 50 years are beyond incredible! Through speaking with so many different individuals, in different classes of society, different positions, different backgrounds, the change is happening and it is just a matter of time before businesses and the way the structures within our system of health, education, agro-alimentation, and so on adapt.

To sum up, if you are you suffering from the 21st Century human syndrome, know that this means you no longer wish to participate in a life which does not serve your highest well-being! Have a look at how our society is structured and that maybe you have been moulded to be somebody you are not for many years. Know that if you have physical or mental issues (as labelled by society), medication is not necessarily the way, but having a look at your true being, who YOU truly are and the kind of belief systems stuck in your subconscious mind, that can truly help and heal you. Most of all, listen to your intuition and at try as much as you can to simply BE YOU!

We are generation change!

Enjoy! Yours truly,

© Isabel Silvia



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