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A little bit about myself...

Hello and welcome to my website! I’m Isabel, an Artist in a Suit exploring the secrets of the world! 


After graduating with two bachelors from the double degree program IPBS, in European Management from Lancaster Management school, UK and Neoma Business School, France I worked with a few multinationals like Evian Volvic or Philipp Morris International, before gaining my foundation in Public Relations working with IMG Fashion at the Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week 2015.

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1st Company Be Experience

In 2016, I quite my corporate job and opened my first company, the 5 element smoothie food truck touring around Switzerland at events, festivals, schools and companies! For two years I spread conscious smoothies, fuelling people with natural energy and good vibes and accomplished my personal milestone selling the smoothies at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland.


Modelling with a scar

As life will, one year into my first company, I had an accident with this one in a million blood poisoning with a few hours to live. I was lucky to stay alive and keep my leg and was marked with quite the scar. I turned around the situation and got into modelling! To my surprise, quite quickly I did a few catwalks, walking for Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, photo shootings and commercials.

Being the change maker I am, and seeing the positive reaction following my catwalks of spectators who also have scars, I did this small "miss competition" in Switzerland to try and help make Switzerland incorporate an international diverse perspective within the beauty industry and spread confidence about diversity. 

Circumstances considering, I started working more as an entertainer, a moderator and interviewer, working with international clients such as moderating for Volvo at the Geneva International Motor Show, conducting interviews at press conferences, or working as a brand ambassador for Piaget or Rolex.   

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My deep love in life has always been to explore. To explore mysteries and learn something new about life from history, different countries as well as nature.


I am a proud Duke of Edinburgh Gold award holder and for many years, I have travelled around the world, mostly solo, not conventionally, but mingling with locals to learn from different cultures and gain a deeper understanding about life, observing and learning.

Exploring keeps you open-minded, helps you grow as a human being and allows you to expand your perception of reality and level of consciousness.


“Life is merely about experiencing things and then growing & evolving (or not) as a soul.”

Exploring brought me so much in all areas of life, that I opened this website and put forward my findings, keeping real history alive. I document about my explorations, different life stories providing life motivation and as someone who used to be a corporate machine, I put forward about changes occurring in the business world.

In the past few years, I have had the opportunity to work with international as well as local organisations as a blogger and brand ambassador, going to events, openings, doing social media take-overs or simply creating content and most of all spreading good vibes!

That's some stuff about me, enjoy this website and if you want to work together, let’s get in touch:

Much love,

Isabel, your Artist in a Suit!